Datasheet: Assure1 Overview

Simplify, Automate and Transform with Assure1

Assure1 provides customers with the benefit of managing services on a single platform – including silo’d tools running across varied and hybrid networks to ensure availability of communications, information and product offerings.

This results in:

  • Consolidation and management of legacy tools
  • Visibility and control of end-to-end services
  • Operationalize network functions virtualization (NfV) for production
  • Automation of redundant and repetitive service management tasks
  • Consolidate all relevant data to a single source of truth

Bringing together fault, performance, topology and service level management in a single scalable software platform, Assure1 provides significant performance, scalability and cost advantages over legacy and silo toolsets, resulting in an improved user experience for your customers.

Download the datasheet to get the full details on Assure1 features and capabilities.