Case Study: EIR

How One CSP Reduced OpEx by 40% with a Unified Service Assurance Platform

Like many telecoms, eir was part of a market experiencing significant revenue decline over the last decade. A combination of siloed fault and performance monitoring tools, along with homegrown tools, led to disparate business processes and high ongoing costs.

To remain competitive and grow in the market, eir needed to cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase agility to deliver new services to market in less time. After an extensive selection process, eir implemented the Federos Assure1 platform to consolidate tools and transform their service assurance processes. Their results?

  • 40% reduction in operating expense in the first four years through tool consolidation and improved KPI compliance
  • 50% reduction in employee headcount
  • Substantial increase in agility and the ability to introduce new services such as LTE, FTTH, FTTC, and IPTV without increasing opex

Download the case study to see how they did it.