Case Study: Oracle

How Oracle Manages an International Network Infrastructure in One Platform

Oracle has increased its international bandwidth 50 fold over the last ten years, acquiring more than 60 companies and increasing network devices by 100 percent. Throughout their growth, Oracle’s team struggled with a patchwork of network monitoring systems that reduced their efficiency, increased costs, and resulted in a poor user experience.

By implementing the Assure1 unified service assurance platform, Oracle was able to not only increase efficiency and improve the customer experience but to:

  • Increase scalability by 17%, polling 3X the number of metrics on ⅕ their environment
  • Decrease headcount and enable automation
  • Lower hardware, software, licensing, and maintenance costs

“After that first web demo, we realized we may have found a vendor who could in fact, be a replacement option for our existing patchwork network management infrastructure. Federos clearly offered superior technology. We could see a way forward to fill our coverage gaps with an enterprise-wide, end-to-end solution.” – Tony Miranda, Senior Director, Enterprise Automation & Tooling

Download the full case study to see how Oracle transformed network monitoring with Assure1.