Case Study: Service Provider

Federos Integration and Automation for Service Providers and their Clients

The primary objective of the service provider was to introduce a single centralized, vendor agnostic solution to integrate and automate the designated management systems.

In its search for a flexible, role-based user interface, Fusion1 was chosen due to its ability to:

  • Create unlimited workviews.
  • Integrate disparate systems.
  • Create automated workflow processes.
  • Scale as the service provider continues to grow.

Fusion1 has provided a variety of operation benefits for the service provider, including:

  • Reduced port management from up to 90 days, to only minutes.
  • Across operations typical savings of 5-20 minutes per ticket with reduced engineer support time.
  • Status immediately visible to technical and management teams via the Fusion1 Service portal.

Download the case study to get the full story.