Datasheet: Assure1 Machine Learning and Event Analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics

To remain competitive, service providers must leverage new technology including NfV, containers, micro services, SDN, and IoT to drive digital transformation. But every new technology increases operational intricacy and scale, making it harder for legacy tools to cope.

The Federos Assure1 unified service assurance platform helps companies retire legacy systems and leverage with new technologies to improve service quality and operational efficiency.

This datasheet will provide details on how service providers can use Assure1’s capabilities - specifically machine learning and event analytics - in their digital transformation processes.

  • Incorporate event analytics to intelligently process event storms, reducing noise to identify the root cause of repeating issues faster.
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically understand how events are handled by your team, catching issues that are accidentally cleared or missed.
  • Tailor settings to create extensible rules and pre-built policies that customize detection abilities according to business needs.

Download the datasheet to learn how machine learning can improve operations in your business.